Let Your Garage Stand Out in Your Neighborhood!

Let Your Garage Stand Out in Your Neighborhood!

Hire MTD Services to install Your Custom Garages in Columbia, South Carolina!

Whether you are giving your house curb appeal or tired of dealing with broken and worn-down garage doors, speak with a member of our team about your custom garage needs. We look at color, size, and style that fits your home aesthetic and feel. You can rely on our team of garage experts to help you through the design process for your home.

When it is time to hire a professional to install new and custom garages, trust MTD Services to do the job right. Call us at (803) 269-7188 to learn more about our custom garage instillation and repair services in the Columbia, SC area.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Garage?

Many home owners forget about replacing their old and worn-out garages, this season don't neglect them. To save some money this season, hire our garage installation professionals in Columbia, SC to replace them with the custom look you want.
Here are a few signs that indicate that you should look into replacing your garage:

  1. Slow Moving or Detached Garage Door Opener
  2. Loud or unusual Sound Coming from your Garage Door Opening
  3. Sudden Garage Door Opening or Reversing
  4. Weather worn or damaged door panels, tracks, and windows on the doors
  5. Vibrations or shaking when the doors open or close

If you are having these signs, it is time to look into replacing your garage. Call us at (803) 269-7188 to speak with a member of our team about your garage needs in Columbia, South Carolina. We will come to your home and estimate the damage and inspect your current garage doors.